I live in a forest environment, in Picardy. These ever changing and highly vulnerable surroundings have a great impact on my artistic approach.


L'ONDEE,   (détails)    Halatte Forest,    May 2021    -     Inside,    July 2021

DEDALES,    In the sky of Picardy,   Septembre 2020     -     Halatte Forest ,  November 2020

EN FILIGRANE,  In the sky of Picardy,  September 2018   -    Á L'ECART,   Forest of Blanchefort,  September 2019

I try to underline a feeling of fragility by placing lacy, transparent textile pieces in the city, forest or river spaces.

I use the notions of flexibility and transformation to do very light, ephemeral installations ; alternately traps or offering, my structures are never frozen, they vibrate between light and shadow, they move in the wind, in a succession of contradictory images, which reflect a plural reality.


EN OBLIQUE,   Forêt d'Halatte,  April 2018   -   Villa Datris,    l'Isle sur la Sorgue,   September 2018

PARTITIONS,  Halatte Forest,   October 2016   -    Garden of Priory,  Genest,    Summer 2017

ANTIDOTE,   Aumont,  January 2016   -   EFFERVESCENCE,   City Museum,  Belgrade,  Serbia,  April 2016

DEBORDEMENT,  Halatte Forest,  November 2015   -   EFFERVESCENCE,   City Museum,  Belgrade,   Serbia,  April 2016

"En Contrepoint",  Aumont, April 2013   -   SUITE LUNATIQUE,  Château de Villevêque,  2014

 The gift ribbon is one of my favorite materials ; it is common, it becomes very promptly discarded, but it is also attractive, a symbol of presents, joy and feasts. By playing with this ambivalence, I braid it into eye catching nets, to do fleeting and seemingly paradoxical installations.

Thanks to its weightiness, its flexibility, its excellent resistance to bad weather, I am able to transform and recycle my works many times, and to offer another image to this poor material that is in fact pretty expensive.


HORS-SERIE, Manoir de Couesme,  September 2013    -    EQUIVOQUE, Ploumagoar,  September 2015

EFFETS FACTICES,  En Contrepoint,  Aumont,  summer 2011   -   Halatte Forest, November 2011

 HORS SERIE, Manoir de Couesme,   autumn2013   -   IMPROMPTU,  Drée,  summer 2014

FRUITS DEFENDUS,      Aumont,  April 2011   -    Lac de Grand Lieu,  September 2011

 ENTRE-DEUX,    Stosswirh,    spring 2006   -   LEÏTMOTIV,    Landen,    summer 2007        

When I work in public space, I enter the people's daily  setting. Even if my Installations are fleeting, they create a slight change of scenary for passerbys ; I think it is never anodyne, and I emphasize each time about the harmless, aerial and temporary aspect of my landscaping Installations.


ECLOSION,    Jardin Mosaïc,    May  -  November 2015

SUITE LUNATIQUE   Château de Villevêque,    June - October 2014

 ARTEFACT  Bois de Belle Rivière,  Québec,  summer 2010   -   winter 2012

 L'ENTRETEMPS,  Vern sur Seiche,  summer 2009