Alternately traps or offering, my structures are never frozen ; they vibrate between light and shadow, they move in the wind, in a succession of contradictory images, which reflect a plural reality.

I use the notions of flexibility and transformation to share my vision of a changing world.

DEBORDEMENT,  Forêt d'Halatte,  November 2015  -  "En Contrepoint",  Aumont,  july 2016

"En Contrepoint",  Aumont, April 2013  -  SUITE LUNATIQUE,  Château de Villevêque,  2014

HORS-SERIE, Manoir de Couesme,  September 2013    -    EQUIVOQUE, Ploumagoar,  September 2015

INTERVALLES,  En Contrepoint,  Aumont,  summer 2011   -   Forêt d'Halatte, November 2011

 HORS SERIE, Manoir de Couesme,   autumn2013   -   IMPROMPTU,  Drée,  summer 2014

 ENTRE-DEUX,    Stosswirh,    spring 2006   -   LEÏTMOTIV,    Landen,    summer 2007        

I choose trivial materials, I craft them with primitive textile techniques to produce simple geometric shapes, then I install these flexible structures in different urban or rural aeras. 

Most often, I use gift wrap ribbon, of course because I am particularly aware of its symbol of present and festive events. I like its hues, its lightness, its fluidity, its weather resistance.

When I work in public space, I enter the people's daily  setting. Even if my Installations are fleeting, they create a slight change of scenary for passerbys ; I think it is never anodyne, and I emphasize each time about the harmless, aerial and temporary aspect of my landscaping Installations.

Both solid and fragile, shells devoid of any contents, the nets seep, ripple and get through space to embody a tension between reality and fiction. Playing with the opposites, natural-artificial, fragile-solid, continuity-brittleness, I question the self-evidences and certitudes. 


ECLOSION,    Jardin Mosaïc,    May  -  November 2015

SUITE LUNATIQUE   Château de Villevêque,  2014

 ARTEFACT  Bois de Belle Rivière,  Québec,  summer 2010   -   winter 2012

 L'ENTRETEMPS,  Vern sur Seiche,  summer 2009

IMPROMPTU,  Drée,  summer 2014


"French textile and environmental artist Edith Meusnier creates unusual Installations in unusual spaces. Her art is unique and somewhat shocking, bringing compounds together whose mutual existence is conflicting and contradictory. Her amazing colorful textile pieces are created from weather resistant plastic ribbons, but look like delicate, fine weavings. A feeling of fragility is underlined by the placing of lacy, transparent textile pieces in the city, forest, and river spaces. Artificial shapes are extended into and by nature. Wind, light, shades, and shadows surprisingly supplement the piece, constantly changing it visually. Nature is extended by artificial Installations that change the angles of existing nature views.

Environmental ideas comprise the main preview 4 points of Edith Meusnier's art, along with the concepts of fragility and durability, the meeting points of the human-nature relationship. the ideas of communication, the beauty of balance, and existence are also touch upon."

Irina A. Hinkel, 2015